Senate 2019 : Council Chairmen  endorse Bayo Osinowo

Senate 2019 : Council Chairmen endorse Bayo Osinowo

As the race for 2019 elections gather momentum, the forum of Local Government Chairmen in Lagos East has thrown its weight behind the candidacy of Hon. Bayo Osinowo to represent the district in the Senate.

Osinowo, who is currently  a lawmaker in the Lagos State House of Assembly, represents Kosofe Constituency 1.

According to the forum, the unanimous endorsement was cemented following the result of a fact-finding assignment it initiated in the various domain of the chairmen.

Speaking on the endorsement, the Executive Chairman, Agboyi-Ketu Local Area, Mayor Dele Oshinowo  disclosed that it will amount to a monumental injustice if the decision of the people and majority is jettisoned.

“We the drivers of the grassroots administrations in our various domains have taken it upon ourselves to work in tandem with the people’s choice.

“Hence, we decided to conduct an opinion poll, cutting across every strata of district to seek the opinions of the people, especially would-be electorate.

“From our findings, we observed that the choice of the overwhelming majority across the Lagos East Sentorial district is Hon. Bayo Osinowo.

“Therefore, ahead of 2019 elections, we are left with no choice than to align with the people so that our interests and their interests will be protected,” Mayor Oshinowo said.

Further to this, the forum also disclosed that its endorsement of Osinowo will provide a new dawn for the district in legislative activities of the National Assembly.

It stressed that the giant strides recorded in the state by the Lagos Lawmaker is as a result of his political sagacity, humility and commitment to the people. In his response, Hon. Bayo Osinowo commended the local government chairmen for their thoroughness and going through the rigour of sampling out the people before arriving at his candidacy.

He assured them that a new era will be pursued and restored, where the populace through the established political organgram in the local council will be carried along religiously in all his legislative assignments in the upper chamber when elected.

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